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Adieu To Stills! Bring In The HD Video!

February 25, 2011

It had to be 1995 or 1996, I remember using one of the first digital cameras, a Kodak DC40  that was as big as military binoculars. The camera took about 48 images and each image was 2.3MB. At the time I thought it was huge!  I immediately recognized the value that digital photography would bring, instant gratification. Now digital cameras have progressed to 28MB images and HD/3-D video . Sometimes I miss the solitude of the darkroom, the magic of the moment as an image first starts to appear on paper. Now I can hardly wait the 1-2 seconds it takes for the image to appear on my camera back. I rarely think about actually printing them on paper.  Being a curious observer of the present and creating art from it by using a camera remains constant in my life.

Bay Bridge View

The picture of the Bay Bridge in SF is one of my last pictures taken with film. It happened on one of my many hyper- focused 3 hour jaunts taking pictures in and around some destination that beckoned me.  It’s funny how time has brought significance to this photo. Especially, since Caltrans is finishing up an expansion bridge alongside the old Bay Bridge. This photo can never be duplicated physically, but digitally with a whole lot of photoshop, ha-ha!  SF, however, still has great photographic energy. I am scheduled to shoot there in late March. Looking forward to producing two fashion films using  Lombard Street, Coit Tower, and Chinatown as backdrops. I am anxious to see the “videographic” energy SF will bring !

What better transition of forgetting the old and bringing in the new? I put together a short photo montage set to music of past photo stills  in digital HD format. Adding music and moving pictures to stills through HD Film promises to be  another curious journey of turning the present into art. Enjoy!


D Austin's merge and ushering in of his new endeavor of HD Fashion & Fine Art Films. Bid adieu as D. Austin looks back at just a few of his 10,000+ stills.


Inspiration for this post was also prompted by this NY Times Article:


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