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How the camera “really” suspends time…

June 22, 2011
Almost all great images come from happy accidents.There are times when I have my camera in hand and time stands still and doesn’t exist. . I never understood what “that” moment was until I started studying the Elan Vital. A hypothetical explanation for the development of the creative process  linked closely with consciousness . Natural creativity from a subconsciousness.

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“Ok, I see something,” is the silent alarm I sound and often  say when I have found that moment.  It’s like a state of dreaming, meditation, or a level-of subconsciousness where time does not exist. It’s just a pure experience and a connection with the present moment.
The camera is more than a useful tool for capturing images, for me now it’s an instrument for capturing the present and Divine moment. A moment when we are not conscious of time and space. My body may be instinctively operating the camera’s shutter speed, aperture and angle, while my mind is in admiration of the moment and experience.  After all the hours of preparation for a shoot, ego’s, equipment quirks and technical considerations it all instantly fades away when we reach that moment. Nothing feels like work. We reach an Elan Vital experience.
After all, the camera is a tool for capturing light. And “light”  is the essence of Elan Vital.
The slide show in this post are images I shot experiencing the Divine or Elan Vital. Enjoy!
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