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My Old Friend New Orleans

May 21, 2012

I have always felt a connection with the city of New Orleans. Perhaps, in a past life I was a musician, chef, or shop keeper selling daguerreotypes in the back of a store.  A few weeks ago I took a little vacation to visit my old friend, New Orleans. It was my first visit back since May 2005 just before Katrina hit in August 2005.  Driving into New Orleans the devastation is still there 7 years later. New homes next to old homes with tattered blue tarps and gutted out interiors.  The aftermath of the storm, flooding and the Marshall Law that followed still affects the general mood of the area.  Not to forget the Gulf oil spill. I purposely will not post pictures of the devastated areas of  New Orleans, although I did visit a few areas.

We all think we know how it was and what really happened because we watched it everyday on the news. The only people who really know are the one’s who actually lived through it. The truth is more interesting and intriguing  than what was displayed in the main stream media. Including the purposely blowing up of earthen levees, during the Great Mississippi flood 1927. Alabama & Mississippi was also severely flooded. I encourage you to research the alternate history for yourself.

Here are a few of my latest images from New Orleans 2012. The southern cuisine  is still lip-smacking good, the live music is still irresistable to the ear,  the people are still welcoming and the city’s energy still excites ! Enjoy!

Street Bienville

N.O. Saint Left UnDone

Jackson Square 2012

Hyatt Mercedez Superdome

Audubon Park N.O.

Green Mile Lap Lines….adding a little art to my day.

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