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Starry Nights & Long Exposures

July 28, 2012

Last week, I took a break to go camping for the first time. I choose one of the best camping sites in America, Fort DeSoto in the Tampa-Bay Area.

There were a lot of interesting subjects to shoot but the most compelling thing about the trip were the stars at night. I was amazed by how many stars I could see with the naked eye!  Its true, you really can see alot more stars and other interesting things in the night sky away from city lights!  

The pic you see below is a 30 second exposure, shoot with my Nikon with a 50mm lens  @ f’ 4.5 with and ISO of 3200.  Look closely and you will see the  formation and deformation of clouds, numerous stars and the whirling  rotation of the cosmos and how it all enfolds upon itself.

The experience  has motivated me to do some astro-photography really soon, enjoy!

Photo By: D. Austin Location: Fort Desoto, FL 3am July 18, 2012.
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