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Photo Philosophy Book Launch By: D. Austin

January 26, 2014

Photo Philosophy Book: A Photography Guide For Creative Images

Photo By: D. Austin Title:Endless Summer

Photo By: D. Austin Title:Endless Summer

“For things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”-Aristotle

Philosophy is the love of wisdom. “Phos” is the Greek word for light, which is where the modern word “photo” comes from. So, one could say The Photo Philosophy Book is for the lover of the wisdom of light. The Photographer.

The Photo Philosophy Book is a collection of knowledge and images that investigate the philosophical question of creative free will. The book investigates the factors affecting creative free will and discusses ways creative free will can be obtained. The book is a photography guide for creating inspiring images.

Show your support by pre-ordering a copy of the art book today!  Approximately 225 pages with over 75 illustrations and photos. Contact me directly to pre-order: austinsmail04[at]

~Below is an outline of the book.

                                             Table Of Contents



I. Part I

A BRIEF HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY, CULTURE AND THE COLLECTIVEWhy you may or may not have creative free will.

1. A Brief History Of Photography

2. Artificial Consumer Culture

3. The Collective: Micro & Macro Consciousness

4. Gallery Of Images

II. Part II

IMAGINATIONEverything in the universe flows from mind.

1. How Your Brain Works: The 3 Parts Of Your Brain

2. Concepts + Interpretation + Symbolism

3. Fallacious Thinking: Getting Rid Of Cognitive Dissonance

4.Unlocking Your Imagination

5. Obtaining Creative Free-Will

6. Gallery Of Images


PRACTICE & ACTIONYour images are a reflection of your knowledge and understanding.

1. Practicing Your Own Photophilosophy

2. Teach To Learn, Learn By Teaching

3. 10 Photoshoots That Challenged My Imagination

4. Gallery Of Images

  • Underwater Pin-Hole Camera Shot in Florida Keys
  • Camera Obscura Hotel Room
  • Night Time Fashion Shoot
  • Delayed Shutter City Scapes
  • Fashion Editorial ” House Of Cards”
  • Political Fine Art Session “Purge”
  • “Shanequa” Vs. “Kate Moss” Posing Sessions
  • & More To Be Reveled In The Book




The Photo Philosophy Book  By: D. Austin

The Photo Philosophy Book
By: D. Austin

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